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Welcome to Go Outdoors Idaho!

Tags and/or permits that need to be notched or validated cannot be printed online, and will be mailed to you within 7-10 business days. Please visit an IDFG regional office or vendor location to purchase your items if you need them immediately.

2022 Licenses and Nonresident Deer/Elk Tags on Sale Dec. 1st

  • Nonresident hunting, fishing, and combination licenses will be available beginning at 12:00am Mountain time on December 1, 2021.
  • Nonresident Deer and Elk tags will be available beginning at 10:00am Mountain time on December 1, 2021.
  • These items can be purchased online at GoOutdoorsIdaho.com at any time, or over the phone (1-800-554-8685), at a license vendor location, or IDFG regional office during normal business hours.

What to expect for the online tag sale:
  • If purchasing online or through the mobile app, a virtual waiting room will be available 30 minutes prior to 10:00am for all customers logging in.
  • At 10:00am, all customers within the waiting room will be randomly assigned a place in line and an approximate wait time to access their account.
  • Once you add your selected tag to your cart, you will have 20 minutes to complete your transaction. If you do not complete the transaction within 20 minutes, the tag will be cleared from your shopping cart, and made available for other hunters to purchase.
  • Note: Licenses and tags will not be immediately mailed out. Please expect at least 3-4 weeks for processing and mailing.

Want to be prepared for the December 1 sale? We suggest you:
  • Review the Big Game regulations here on our website. Note that a Game Management Unit must be selected when purchasing a Nonresident Deer tag, and an Elk zone must be selected when purchasing a Nonresident Elk tag.
  • Review the number of tags available for the unit or zone you intend to purchase. Note that many units and zones have a limited number of tags available, and could sell out during the sale on December 1st.
  • Log into your customer account, and ensure your contact information and account details are up to date.

Note for Disabled American Veterans (DAV):
  • DAV tag quantities are limited. 500 nonresident DAV Deer, and 300 nonresident Elk tags will be available for sale on Dec. 1st. Be sure to submit your DAV documentation early to ensure this certification has been added to your account before the sale.

Note for Auto-Renew customers:
  • If your licenses are set up for Auto-Renew, be aware that your renewal will be automatically processed in the early morning hours of December 1. Want to sign up for Auto-Renew? Log into your customer account, and click the "Auto Renew" menu option to add your payment information and select the items you want to automatically renew.

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